Idea Pratello®

paths ARE created BY WALKING on THEM

Another fundamental value of the company is the respect for nature; after becoming an organic company we decided to take the next step: creating our own processing protocol that takes into consideration not only the use of natural products in the countryside and cellar, but also respects the biodiversity of the ecosystems of our vineyards: we call it “Idea Pratello®.”

This method will be based on the use of renewable energy sources, ecological compensation, energy efficiency in the vineyards, and synergy between animals and plants.



Completely eliminate the use of copper being a heavy metal.

Less sulphites

Halve the content of total sulphites compared to the organic method.


Encourage multi varietal grassing, encourage planting of shrubs and plants in order to improve insect and bird proliferation.

Synergy between animals and plants.

Prioritize extensive outdoor breeding for organic matter manure production.


Minimize the use of concrete in favor of wood, stone, iron, glass and straw.

Holistic view

View the soil as a living system that must be nurtured in a way that does not limit the activities of organisms.