Discovering Opera Roses

  • €28.00 for person

Wine tasting? No, Pink Experience!
Are you a daredevil?
We will discover a new way of conceiving and experiencing Garda rosé wines, tasting four pink wines, each one an expression of the identities and peculiarities of Valtenesi terroir:
  • The carefree OPERA (vintage 2021)
  • The mysterious CHLOE’ (vintage 2021)
  • The fiery EVELYN (vintage 2021)
  • The sumptuous ROCCO (vintage 2020)
After drinking the wines you will be warmly welcomed by Opera Roses two rising stars: the spirit OPERA GIN and the vermouth BALLERINA VERMOUTH ROSA, both strictly pink
This enosensorial experience of the 6 above-mentioned products will be accompanied by a delicious platter of 0 distance local delights, carefully selected by our chef to enhance the taste of the wines in combination.

We didn't forget about the most curious customers: we offer guided tours with tasting directly in the vineyards

Tour in vineyards (+ 10€ per person)

Gift voucher: give this experience as a present, you would be the perfect friend that everyone would like.  


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