Esperienza Distillati e Liquori

  • €35.00 for person

Since ever our company offers for the clients the Spirits produced from our pomace: from this year there will be a guided testing to discover the Spirits and the Liqueurs from our company.

The experience starts with an introduction of the world of Spirits focusing on the different processing methods of the raw material, the production and the aging.

Below there will be the guided testing of 5 Spirits from your choice:

-Grappa di Lugana -Amaro Mille1

-Grappa di Lugana invecchiata -Brandy

-Barricata 60 Full Proof -Limoncello

-Gin Opera

-Vermouth Rosè

All is matched with dried fruit, jam and “Cantucci” biscuits.

We didn't forget about the most curious customers: we offer guided tours with tasting directly in the vineyards

  • Tour in vineyards (+ 10€ per person)
  • Gift voucher: give this experience as a present, you would be the perfect friend that everyone would like.  


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