Wine is not a drink, it is an experience.
26-01-2022 News

Wine is not a drink, it is an experience.

If you read this blog it is because you are a person who is not satisfied with drinking mediocre wine.

And if you have visited us to taste one of our vintages even once, you already know that wine is not a drink: it is an experience.

In an increasingly globalized world and increasingly full of screens, rediscovering what surrounds you is a superhero's feat. And this is true for people, for places, for experiences.

Therefore, in Pratello we are not interested in updating the numbers on a spreadsheet, but in sharing with our guests the passion for wine, for natural food, for country life.

In fact, our bottles give their best the closest they are to the source, that is, in our cellar!

We want to look the person who drinks our wine straight in the eyes and understand how he makes them feel. Only in this way can we improve our offer, year after year.

For this reason, in 2022 we want to focus strongly on the experience of our guests. Visits and picnics in the vineyards, tastings in the cellar, restaurant with km 0 cuisine and rooms with wooden tub are just some of the adventures you can experience in Pratello.

Immerse yourself in our estate, among the countryside surrounding Lake Garda. Forget everything, and enjoy a good glass with your partner or friends: we'll take care of the rest!

Discover our selection of experiences among the vineyards: secure your place for when we leave in February!

See you soon,


P.S: There are still more than two weeks to go, but… Valentine's Day is upon us. And do you know what is one of the "cuddles" most appreciated by our guests? The hot water bath in the wooden tub. Yes, one of those you usually see on Facebook, where you see perfect couples relaxing with a glass of wine. Would you like to be in their place? Here you can find out more about our stay packages, for a fiery Valentine's Day!