The moment of veraison: when the magic takes on color
31-07-2021 Events

The moment of veraison: when the magic takes on color

Among the various phases of the vegetative cycle of the vine and its fruits, veraison is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating: the one in which the bunch begins to take on the typical color of ripening.

From a technical point of view, in the first phenological phase the color of the fruit is as if masked by chlorophyll, which covers it with its typical green pigment.

When ripe, the red grape varieties turn their color towards the characteristic purplish red, while the white grapes change from green to yellow.

The magic begins.

It is one of the moments in which the vineyard shows all its splendor, its vitality, transforming and changing from day to day.

Besides being extremely beautiful, this period is also of great importance for the production of quality wine; in fact, it marks the beginning of the phase in which the sugar and acid values of the grapes will be constantly checked to verify the state of ripeness and decide when is the best time for harvesting.