Olives Our Way
01-08-2021 News

Olives Our Way

In Pratello you can discover all the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Behind this denomination there is a world made of passion, love for the land and its fruits, attention and care for the product, for the consumer but above all, all-natural goodness.

In addition to the bottles of oil, we have dedicated ourselves to creating different, tasty products that fully enclose the essence of olives in different consistencies: in their entirety and in pate.

The processing takes place in brine, in a 100% natural way, with only water and salt for a duration of 8 \ 9 months.

Terracotta amphorae and oak barriques are used. The cultivars treated are Casaliva, Regina del Garda and a mix typical of the Valtènesi area, such as Leccino and Pendolino.

Furthermore, the meticulous and careful processing of the pate preserves and further enhances the raw material.

The olives are only of our production, guaranteeing a Made in Italy product.

The products obtained are:

  • Casaliva olives in amphora
  • Casaliva olive pate in amphora
  • Regina del Garda olives in wood
  • Regina del Garda olive pate in wood
  • Mille1 blend olive pate