Drink with your dad!
15-03-2022 News

Drink with your dad!


This message comes a little early, but for a good reason: Saturday is Father’s Day, and I want you to have a nice family night.

The ideal would be to have you here in Pratello, where you can breathe a family atmosphere for generations (think that some families spend here every summer for more than 35 years...)

But if for any reason you can not be here in Pratello this Saturday, you can still take a piece of Pratello with you home, if you move early.

Only if you order today, you can get 15% off each bottle, with the discount code PAPA15.

Basically, if you order a six-pack, it’s like getting a free bottle!

Cin Cin,


P.S. I wrote to you now to give to the courier the time that is necessary to deliver the wine by Saturday, I suggest you order today, to take advantage of the discount and be sure to receive your bottle and celebrate with your dad!