Happy birthday Pratello
11-02-2022 News

Happy birthday Pratello

Did you know that Pratello saw the birth and growth of entire generations of families?

Our estate has stood on the countryside of Lake Garda for almost 200 years. But it was the Bertola family that made Pratello the welcoming reality it is today.

On 11 February 1967 (exactly 55 years ago), my great-grandfather Vincenzo, my grandfather Dante and his brothers officially obtained the property in Pratello. At that time, it was a milestone on any trip to Lake Garda.

Imagine whole tables of people relaxing together after a walk along the lake, in front of a nice flask of wine (good ol' times ...)

Over the decades, people have come here to get married (even from India!), they have spent entire summers here with us, they have seen their children take their first steps in our courtyard...

Living such experiences together with our beloved guests fills my heart with joy!

And for you, what does Pratello mean?

Send us a photo of you or your family in Pratello. We will create a scrapbook, to always have in front of our eyes the people who have an important role in our life.

To those who send us the most beautiful, particular or significant photo, we will send a bottle of wine of their choice, directly to their home.

I would be delighted to see a photo of you too!

See you soon,