Amaro Mille1
11-12-2021 News

Amaro Mille1

You know that feeling of numbness that assails you at the end of a banquet? Well, you better get used to it, given what awaits you this month ...

The cleverest combine business with pleasure, and get a nice glass of Amaro. Tasty, it helps to digest, and keeps the party going in the best possible way...

But in an event like Christmas, do you really want to put a Amaro from the supermarket on the table? It is the perfect opportunity to show your guests how much you care about them, and how much your tastes are refined.

So I propose Amaro Mille1: an artisanal liqueur produced by researching the best herbs that grow in the mountains of Upper Garda, facing the lake.

In this area, we have an estate where we graze our animals in the summer. Over the years, we have collected and selected the herbs that grow in this unique microclimate, and we have produced an artisanal Amaro that you cannot find anywhere else.

Amaro Mille1 contains:

Mallow, which relieves cough and heartburn;

Nettle, which helps digest and prevent inflammation of various parts of the body (especially the kidneys and urinary tract);

Gentian, which activates the stomach and body (perfect for sweeping away the post-lunch numbness with a sip!);

Dandelion, which cleanses the liver, kidneys and stomach;

Star anise, famous for its digestive properties;

Burdock, which cleanses the blood;

Juniper, an elixir of life used for centuries to treat coughs, heartburn and stomach ... and even meteorism! (If you are thinking of a particular relative with this problem, you can help him in the most elegant and friendly way possible: by offering him a nice glass of liquor!);

And many other miracle herbs.

In short, who would have thought that a "medicine" can be so tasty and (let's face it) fun?

Amaro Mille1

Born from the family tradition of spontaneous herbs, whch are all meticulously handpicked on the mountains surrounding Lake Garda.

Purify your body and continue the party with Amaro Mille1. Get a bottle before Christmas!

Good digestion,


P.S. We have seen over the years that many people choose Amari as a gift for a relative (perhaps suffering from meteorism? I will not investigate ...). Amaro Mille1 is distilled in an artisanal way, so by definition we produce few bottles. If you want to have it on your table by Christmas, I suggest you think about it now!

P.P.S. Aren't you particularly fond of Amari? Mille1 is the spearhead of a series of artisanal liqueurs produced by Pratello. If you want other excellent alternatives for your end of the meal, we also have grappa, brandy and limoncello. Go to the site and choose the one you prefer!