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If you are interested in buying wine online, our shop offers several wines (white, red and sparkling) in different formats.

Garda wines
Pratello develops thousand facets of Lake Garda wine with a widely diversified production which represents all the oenological potential of the Lombard hills. Inside the cellars of the farm there are the distinctive tastes of the various declinations of Garda classico wine expressed through the production of white, red, rosé and Brut. The winery also boasts two products with controlled denomination of origin: Valtenesi wine and Lugana Doc.

Typical Lake Garda wines: our proposals
Our territorial-varietal wines are obtained by processing white grapes of Riesling (mainly Italian but also Rhine), Chardonnay and Manzoni; and red grapes such as Groppello, Sangiovese, Marzemino and Barbera. Great importance is given to the Rebo grapes, on which the company has invested with enthusiasm in the creation of the Mille1 wine.

If you are looking for a typical wine of Lake Garda, you cannot miss our bottles.

White wines
Our selection of white wines includes several proposals:

  • Catulliano Lugana D.O.C.
    Ideal in combination with grilled fish, seafood, fresh egg pasta and white truffle.
  • Rivale Lugana D.O.C.
    Perfect as an accompaniment for blue fish, shellfish, Mediterranean fried fish and delicate meats.
  • Riesling
    A wine to appreciate both during the meal and as an aperitif or after dinner. Designed to enhance light cooking and refined aromas.
  • Lieti Conversari
    An ideal wine with sushi, sashimi, oysters, tartare and robust cheeses.
  • Pinot Grigio Garda D.O.C.
    Noble aromas that surprise the palate in combination with appetizers, fish and delicate meats, mature cheeses, pastries and dried fruit.

Rosé wine of Lake Garda
The territory gives birth to excellent rosé wines such as Chiaretto del Garda (Chiaretto del Garda Doc).
Pratello has poured the particularity of its vineyards into excellent rosé products: Brut proposals, ideal with finger food and crudité, and Sant'Emiliano, a Chiaretto del Garda rosé characterized by a fresh and savoury taste.

Lake Garda red wine
The company produces Garda red wine in different variants: the Torrazzo Valtenesi D.O.C. wine, a full-bodied proposal for daily meals that gives the maximum in combination with pizza, baked goods, cold cuts and mature cheeses; the Nero per Sempre, Mundus Vini gold medal designed to accompany rare red meats; and the Mille1, a typical pride of the company.

In addition to Garda red wine, white and rosé wines, Pratello offers a versatile Brut to be enjoyed throughout the meal with fried food, soups, vegetables, meat and fish.

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