The Cloister of Welness

available from 2024

The idea

The Cloister of Welness was designed with a lot of love by a team of architects, with new ideas and ardor.

Imagine a place where wishes come true, where peace and serenity accompany you.

The Cloister of Wellness is an incomparable experience, where dreams and wellness go hand in hand.

There are three elements that blend together, creating an innovative spa proposal.

Drawings and renderings by Giovanni Montessoro Studio dA

The spa

Let yourself be enveloped by the soft nuances of our turkish bath, where steam and perfumes blend in a regenerating embrace for mind and body.

Prolong your moment of relaxation in our finnish sauna, a revitalizing experience that purifies and regenerates. Finally, treat yourself to a relaxing massage, where expert hands melt away all tension and restore balance to your being.

A path dedicated to your wellness, to rediscover inner beauty and let yourself be carried away into a world of serenity and harmony.

Drawings and renderings by Giovanni Montessoro Studio dA

The relax area

Let yourself be pampered in the enchanting relax area of ​​our spa, an oasis of comfort and pleasure. Delight your senses in our luxury bathrooms, where crystalline waters and delicate scents create an atmosphere of absolute tranquillity.

Enjoy carefully prepared delicacies in our kitchen, followed by a delicious coffee in our cozy café.

Then, sink into our spacious relax areas, where plush cushions and inviting furnishings invite you to unwind and rejuvenate. A perfect place to find balance and let stress fade into the air.

Drawings and renderings by Giovanni Montessoro Studio dA

The house of arts

The last element of our itinerary is the one that best reflects the place and its essence.

We have created a special space where you can learn and dedicate yourself to the applied arts that represent your work and your passion.

This is a unique opportunity offered by Pratello and the Bertola Family, which will allow you to express yourself through your work. It will be an experience that will allow you to discover and cultivate your creativity in a welcoming and stimulating environment.

Drawings and renderings by Giovanni Montessoro Studio dA