Another fundamental value of Pratello is the respect of nature and after a biological path Pratello has become even more, by creating a unique working protocol. It is more considerate, not only by promoting natural products for the soil and in the cellar, but also by respecting the biodiversity of the ecosystem. This is called "Pratello Idea".

This kind of method is based on the usage of renewable energy sources, on ecological compensation, on vineyards energy sufficient, and on sinergy between animals and plants. Our new goals will be:

  • • COPPER FREE: to completely eliminate the usage of copper, due to its heaviness.
  • • LESS SULFITE: to halve the total sulfite content added, in comparison to the biological method.
  • • BIODIVERSITY: to promote multi-varietal grassings, to stimulate the planting of shrubs and plants, in order to improve the proliferation of insects and birds.
  • • SINERGY BETWEEN ANIMALS AND PLANTS: To privilege outdoor extensive farms for production of manure and organic matter.
  • • BIOARCHITECTURE: To minimize the usage of cement in substitution to wood, stone, iron, glass and and straw.
  • • HOLISTIC VISION: To consider the soil as a living system which provides nutrients in order to not deprive other organisms' activities.

The growth of recent years has led us to distribute our wines in over 60 countries around the world, always positioning them in the most refined places. Pratello was among the very first companies to obtain organic certification but today, after more than 13 years, all this is no longer enough for us.