The thread that binds past and future
25-01-2022 News

The thread that binds past and future

The thread that binds past and future, in one pic.

Look at this picture.

It portrays a sculpture that you can find here in Pratello. But what does it represent?

Well… it's me. Together with "grandpa Emilio", at the time the oldest man in Pratello. You know, he lived 102 years!

Why do I want to show it to you?

Because it is a work of one of our favorite artists, Mattia Trotta.

It is a sculptor from the province of Brescia who creates very particular creations.

Their entire structure is in fact based on the intertwining of an iron wire. In the case of this sculpture, it represents the invisible connection that exists between the old and the new generation, between past and future, between tradition and innovation.

It is a work that is very close to my heart, it was given to me for my 18th birthday! But there are many others in Pratello.

Like the Thinking Man, a stone sculpture representing a farmer who reflects, sweats and works the land, shaping life with his hands.

The Bertola family has always been passionate about art: for more than 15 years we have been supporting artists, who enrich our estate with the fruit of their sensitivity and ingenuity.

And this not only in words: we always dedicate part of our revenues to culture.

We support museums, organize events and commission works to artists, such as Grandfather and Child and the Thinking Man!

You can also be part of this movement, simply by enjoying good food and good wine.

Cheers for art!