The experience at Pratello
22-02-2022 News

The experience at Pratello

January is always a time of reflections.

This winter we reflected on how 2021 went, and how we want to make 2022 exceptional for all our guests (you are there too!)

Last year we damned our souls just to guarantee you a pleasant experience, among the vineyards, in our restaurant or spending the night in the Wine Resort.

I must confess, it wasn't easy.

For reasons you can imagine, no one knew what would happen the next day. Imagine what this means for a company like ours:

Last minute bookings and cancellations, it was impossible to predict whether we would be open or closed the next day ...

It was very difficult even to find collaborators that matched the service with which we have always accustomed our guests.

Despite this, 2021 has left us better than it found us. We have learned a lot, and we are more motivated than ever!

In fact, we have decided to relaunch, with three ambitious plans for 2022:

1) To improve and expand our range of rosé wines. The legendary "wine of one night" from Lake Garda is too underestimated. A real crime! We want the whole world to discover how good, fresh and versatile it is;

2) To guarantee anyone who comes to visit us a complete immersion in the world of wine. It is not just a question of drinking it, but also of understanding the philosophy that sees it born, loved, complement our evenings and our meals. This means new tasting experiences, visits to vineyards and days in contact with nature;

But the most amazing news of 2022 is ...

3) The first stone of our spa. We want to create a real temple of relaxation… but you will only discover it when the time comes.

Do these plans for 2022 inspire you? I hope so: my job is to make you happy!

See you soon,