Rosé, the "wine of a night".
22-01-2022 News

Rosé, the "wine of a night".

As you know, exceptional wines are produced on Lake Garda.

Those who drink Lugana, which is one of the most popular whites in Italy and abroad, know this.

However, in recent years, sommeliers from all over the world are becoming aware of an exceptional wine, which has remained hidden for decades in a niche of connoisseurs.

I'm talking about rosé, the "wine of a night".

It owes its name to its production method: once the grapes are pressed, they are left to rest for 6-12 hours in contact with the skins.

This process gives the wine its particular and delicate pink color. Even Senator Pompeo Molmenti spoke of it more than 100 years ago!

But rosé is not just gorgeous to look at in its clear bottle. And also:

- Versatile, as it goes perfectly with 90% of recipes,

- Easy to drink. A bottle of excellent rosé at a dinner for 2 people disappears before they know it!

- Light, as it contains fewer calories than red wine. You can drink it (in moderation) without sacrificing the line.

I haven't even talked about its fragrance and its taste ... but you have to try those with your nose and your tongue.

This is why I suggest you a selection of the best rosé wines from our cellar:

Valtenesi Sant’Emiliano

A symphony of aromas ranging from almond blossom, raspberry, pomegranate and cedar. On the palate it is fresh and enveloping: you can enjoy its persistent flavor in the mouth for a long time.

Try it with… everything, but especially as an aperitif, with salads or white fish.

Alba Rosa

Precious sparkling wine, with an intense aroma of wild berries with citrus nuances. Harmonious and persistent flavor.

Try it with… everything, but especially with fish or white meats.


A wine with fine and elegant bubbles. It smells of flowers and fruits, especially cherry. The flavor matches the scent ...

Try it with… everything, but especially as an aperitif or with fish.

I can't wait to know what you think!



P.S. The west shore of Lake Garda is one of the best places in Italy for the production of rosé. Our vines are in fact kissed by the sun (which rises in the east) from the first light of dawn. The sunlight nourishes our grapes, and is reflected in the luster of the wine. You will notice by holding a bottle in your hands!