Olives in Brine
31-03-2021 News

Olives in Brine

Pratello has always produced oil: Casaliva, Regina del Garda, Leccino and Grignano are the cultivated varieties, which all give birth to very high-quality oils, called “Garda’s Gold”.

The olive groves, some of which partially enclose the Winery centre, create a very suggestive setting - also a fundamental element of the agricultural context of our territory.

This year, we have started a new project of enhancement of the olive, great excellence of our territory, which is treated in brine. This process involves the usage of Amphorae and Barriques for the olive aging.

The protagonists are: Regina del Garda worked in Brine inside Barrique in Oak and Casaliva worked in Brine inside the super Anphorae in Terra Cotta.