Our Products

A branch of Pratello’s company is dedicated to bring to all our clients’ table the best of our raw materials and processed products of high quality.

  • Oil

    The Olive Groves are extended on an 8 hectare area. The cultivation technique follows Pratelllo’s protocol, therefore excluding the usage of pests, infestants and chemical menures, and simply concentrating on the maintenance of the organic substance concentration in the soil, through the amount of adjusting agents from natural origins.

  • Vegetable Garden

    There has always been a garden at Pratello, in the last few years it has been developed and amplified, by adding cunstructed areas for specific vegetable cultivations. Everything is cultivated based on the Pratello Idea: working manually, composting manure and eliminating weeds with a simple shovel. Following the moments of the seasons, every single product is being promoted in the restaurant's menù, to satisfy even the most refined palates.

  • Orchards

    The Pratello Idea has made the company explore deeper into the Biodiversity concept, that is why, in the past few years, there have been intercalated rows of ancient fruits trees. For example, in the olive groves on can find forgotten fruits trees planted in between the rows. Nowadays, we are cultivating more than 20 different varieties of apple, 25 of ancient pears, prickly pears, cherries, khakis, sour cherries, medlars, jujubes and other varieties.

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