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Vincenzo Bertola puts a sip of Garda in every bottle.
The Azienda Agricola Pratello has a winery in the Valtenesi and Lugana area situated between the hills that form part of the great landscape that frames Lake Garda on the Brescia shore.

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Lake Garda Winery

Azienda Agricola Pratello has built an intriguing and multifaceted oenological reality. The premises of the agriturismo with Lake Garda winery are located in the heart of the ancient village of Pratello, where every phase of the transformation of the grapes into wine, from fermentation to bottling, takes place according to a passionate combination of local traditions and technological innovation. The cellar, completely underground, consists of a recently built area and a historical nucleus in which the wooden barrels destined to the refinement of the most precious reserves are kept.

Winery Valtenesi – Lugana

Inside our wine cellar on Lake Garda there is an ancient aging area characterized by the presence of bricks and vaulted ceilings. Here, in the belly of large barrels made of Slavonian oak, the Nero per Sempre matures its organoleptic characteristics that make it unique while the Mille1 completes its stay in barriques and tonneaux. Wines and Brut await the moment of labelling during the rest, and leave the area only at the end of the ageing period. Thanks to a special processing line, the company is also able to carry out the next phase autonomously: the bottling. In order to keep the characteristics of the product as much as possible, each bottle is blown with nitrogen to minimize the oxygen inside it and guarantee excellent conservation also by reducing the use of sulphites. The filling is concluded with the positioning of the cork, made exclusively of natural porous cork, and every single bottle is identified by the affixing of a number that will allow to trace the history of the wine it contains. After 3 or 6 months from bottling, the wines of the Cellar are finally ready to meet lovers of authentic and genuine flavours and aromas.

Lake Garda Wine

In continuity with a company philosophy focused on territoriality, the Winery vinifies exclusively grapes from the vineyards of Lugana and Valtenesi. The valorisation of native grape varieties such as Turbiana, Manzoni Bianco, Rebo, Groppello and Marzemino, carried out in full harmony with the rules of nature, allows the Lake Garda wine cellar owned by the company to develop DOC wines (Valtenesi and Lugana) and cultivate precious territorial-varietal resources such as the white grapes of Riesling, Chardonnay, Manzoni Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc; and red grapes such as Sangiovese, Barbera and Rebo grapes - the latter used for the production of Mille1 wine, the company's flagship.

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