The Azienda Agricola Pratello doesn’t produce only wine but also genuine products of the land and tasty sweet and savoury preparations. In such a wide and diversified range of proposals, the common thread is unique: the love for everything that comes from a passionate working of the local nature.


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Consumers interested in buying online honey, organic products or any typical products in Brescia will find in the Bottega Contadina a wide range of good, simple and healthy items ranging from preserved food to natural cosmetics passing through spirits and pretty souvenirs.

Jams and marmalades
Pratello produces jams and mustards enclosing in a jar the aromas and flavours of the fruit obtained respecting the rhythms of nature.
In our shop you can find products based on apple, pear, peaches, grapes, strawberries, plums, cherries and figs; but also special proposals prepared with jujubes, elder, pumpkin, quince, dog rose and morici.
Are you looking for a surprising product? Try our most surprising proposals, such as caramelized chinotto or mustard pears: choose our online jams and preserves sale service.

Lake Garda typical products: our preserves
The Pratello preserves allow you to enjoy the best flavours of our countryside in the comfort of your own home.
Our condiments for first courses include excellent meat ragouts (lamb, duck, beef, donkey and goose) and special preparations such as spinach pesto, rucola pesto or green or purple basil pesto.
The aromas of the lake are enclosed in jars of marinated sardines, capers under salt, local caponata and delicious cucunci.

Online sale of vegetables, flours and legumes
The Pratello farm products meet the demand for online sales of organic products with deliciously genuine proposals such as pickles, pickles and soups, all created by combining the natural flavors of the best products of the garden.
Our organic farm prepares bags of flour and legumes as well as jars of minestrone and excellent velvety soups: discover the pleasure of bringing to the table the typical products of Lake Garda that you prefer whenever you want.

Typical products: oil and vinegar
Among the typical products of Garda we also find extra virgin olive oil and wine balsamic vinegar, two precious condiments to enhance the taste of the most succulent preparations.
The Pratello farm produces an extra virgin olive oil with a full-bodied and extraordinarily aromatic profile, enriched with delicate hints of aromatic herbs, flowers, fresh leaves, delicate fruit and vegetables.
The Farm doesn’t use any pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Pratello oil is particularly suitable for all those who are interested in the online sale of honey and preserves and who prefer to consume products that are as natural and uncontaminated as possible and who are interested in farmers engaged in the online sale of organic products.
Choose a farm producing oil dedicated to the promotion of typical Garda products: taste the flavours of the Lombard hills and bring with you a pleasant memory of your stay.

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