Visits to the winery
Azienda Agricola Pratello

Visits to the winery

Hospitality is our passion!

The winery at Azienda Agricola Pratello is open for wine testing and tours, Learn about winemaking methods, watch the wine being bottled and listen to tales and anecdotes about the Bertola family in a picturesque setting: it's sure to delight visitors. To put the finishing touch on the occasion, there are two kinds of tasting: basic, with crostini and olive oil accompanying three different wines, and the aperitif, with an extensive buffet of cold meats, cheeses, olives and snacks, with three different wines. For information and booking:

Our Plus

Tasting in the vineyard

Each tasting can take place directly in the vineyard
with a lake view. (+ Euro 10 per person)

Cycling among the rows of vines

We give the opportunity to take this journey with
electric bikes for tours that include visits to the vineyards. (+ Euro 10 per person)

Pic-nic in the vineyard

We give the opportunity to organize pic-nics in the vineyard (+ Euro 15 per person)

Our Plus
Rosè Emotion

Rosè Emotion

€15.00 per person Duration 50 min. ca.

Guided tour of the cellar and tasting of our 3 Rosés
- Sant’Emiliano Rosè Valtènesi Chiaretto
- Riviera Garda Classico Rosè
- Metodo Classico Brut Rosè 50 months

All served with tasting of extra virgin olive oil prodsuced by us and Confit tomatoes served with Stracciatella cheese.

Discovering our wines

€15.00 per person Duration 70 min . ca.

Guided tour of the cellars and tasting of 3 wines
- Lugana Catulliano 100% Turbiana
- Sant’Emiliano Chiaretto Rosé
- Torrazzo Valtènesi

All served with local cold cuts and cheeses.

Discovering our wines
"Le Riserve" during the time

"Le Riserve" during the time

€22.00 per Person Duration 90 min. ca.

Guided tour in the cellar and wine tasting of the most awarded 4 wines.
- Lugana 90+10
- Lieti Conversari 100% Incrocio Manzoni
- Nero per Sempre 100% Rebo
-Mille1 Limited Edition
All served with Grana Padano (aged 48 months) and Prosciutto Crudo di Parma DOP

Riesling old vintages

€ 70.00 per person Duration 2h. ca.

We start with a visit to the vineyard in the locality of “Brusadilì”, an excellent cru that gives origin to our Riesling. The visit continues to our cellar to discover the place where the grapes are processed and the wines are aged. The itinerary ends with the vertical tasting of different vintages of our Riesling.
- Riesling vintage 2007
- Riesling vintage 2010
- Riesling vintage 2012
- Riesling vintage 2014

All served with our 100% organic extra virgin olive oil 100% Cru Casaliva and a small taste of local cheeses.

Riesling old vintages
Unexpected Valtènesi

Unexpected Valtènesi

€ 40.00 per person Duration 2h. ca.

Discover our Terroir with a guided tour in the vineyards, visit of the cellar and wine tasting of 5 different wines of your choice, all served with marinated Sarda fish along with Robiola cheese and tasting of typical products.