Olive Oil
Azienda Agricola Pratello

Olive Oil


Our extra virgin olive oils are the result of Cristina Boldini's passion and her love for Lake Garda and the surrounding hills, and driven by her enormous enthusiasm for research and knowledge of this fruit. Olive groves cover 8 hectares of our land.

The farming methods preclude the use of pesticides and chemical herbicides or fertilisers, and focus simply on maintaining the levels of organic substances in the soil by the use of natural additives, compost made on site using plant waste from pruning combined with horse manure, which is enough to ensure improved soil and the consequent benefits to the trees, and natural defence against pathogens.

The olives are harvested from October onwards, manually or using tools; the olives are gathered in nets, leaves are removed and they are taken to the mill where they are processed within 24 hours.