Azienda Agricola Pratello


The world of Pratello

The Pratello farm is located in the marvellous Morainic Hills, a stone's throw from Lake Garda. Strolling among the narrow village streets, you'll find breathtaking views. The complex is surrounded by nature and comfortably enveloped in the peace and quiet that can only be found here.

And it's this very contact with nature that's one of Pratello's delights: far from chaotic city life, guests can regenerate and fully embrace the sensory and gastronomic experience of a guest house with strong ties to its land. Staying here is not merely synonymous with relaxation and wellbeing: at Pratello a large proportion of the food and drink comes either from the farm itself or from local producers. The concept of "zero food miles" and of care for the environment, combined with management by the family, completes the picture of a place where you can recharge your energy, find yourself and enjoy authentic food and wine.

But Pratello is more than just a fabulous holiday destination, it's also a farm that puts all its resources into safeguarding and enhancing the land. In a period when the majority choose resources from far away, here everything - fortunately - goes against the current. If an excellent climate and fertile soil permits the cultivation of healthy food and drinks, why ignore it? And therefore Pratello is a wine-producing business, with a varied and interesting range of wines. It's also an olive mill, producing extra virgin oil. It's a vegetable garden and an orchard, it's countryside in the most noble form, growing an ever-increasing range of products.